Modernize  Secure Ingress

Self-hosted Edge

From dev/test to production, provide unified network connectivity, security, performance, and reliability for your apps and APIs. Improve developer efficiency, accelerate time to market, and enhance DevSecOps agility.

infrastructure increasingly complex


The process of delivering an application from dev/test to production involves a series of tedious processes, such as changing code and networks, coordinating with DevOps, NetOps, and security teams to ensure security, compliance, and governance. This brings a heavy workload to the development and operations teams, slowing down their speed and innovation, resulting in decreased competitiveness and customer loss.

AxisNow Platform

Unified Secure Ingress with Self-hosted Edge

From development testing to production delivery, AxisNow offers a secure and resilient platform that integrates network connectivity, security, performance, and reliability.
Application dev/test ingress

AxisNow is a cloud edge and intranet penetration connection component. It provides a secure ingress for dev/test environments, making it easy to test and preview applications and APIs.

Click to reproduce Http and Webhook requests. Supports self-deployed cloud edge and custom domain names.

Application production delivery ingress

AxisNow combines global load balancing, reverse proxy, firewall, API gateway, k8s Ingress, and intranet penetration into a unified service.

Based on plugins to quickly expand new features. Supports your most complex and unforeseen use cases.

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