Our mission

Unleash Productivity.


In the future, the digital world will be dominated by AI agents and the flow of Workload to Workload.

At the same time, we are building a more secure and trustworthy AI digital world by protecting the access traffic and trusted routing of non-human entities (workloads) transparently, making secrets and DNS obsolete.

Welcome ambitious and capable to join us and become part of our journey. Become the forefront driving force in the AI era to unleash human productivity and reshape the non-human paradigm of connection and access.

Our founding team

It is an honor to receive their support

As well as experts in the industry

Raz Kotler

PayPal Director of Cyber Security Oversight(Former)

Tony Zhao

Agora(NASDAQ: API)Co-founder CEO

Howie Xu

Serial Entrepreneur, AI/Data Executive, Stanford Guest Lecturer

Our Values

Bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to do something interesting.

Obsessed with customer experience

We put the customer first, delivering products and services that delight them. We also consider our customers' customers, striving for an ultimate user experience.

Equality has love

We are proud of our diverse membership. We encourage and respect the uniqueness of each individual, creating a work environment filled with love and respect. We love not only ourselves, but also the world.

Innovation and creativity

We inspire team members to push boundaries, share their ideas, and think outside the box of conventional thinking. We encourage thinking from first principles, pursuing innovation and creativity.

Be trust and transparent

We cherish our relationship of trust with each other very much. Whether it is internal team communication or external product services. We are open, honest and transparent.

Open cooperation

We admire individual heroes, but believe in the power of the team even more. We welcome complementary products and partners to create greater value through open cooperation.

Enjoy the work

We love what we do and cherish each other's company. We enjoy every stage of the development process and strive to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

We are recruiting dreamers and doers to make all of this possible.

We have just set off. Currently, we have more than 10 employees in our startup team. Although we have an ambitious mission, we cannot achieve it alone. We need more curious, passionate, self-driven, and capable people to join us.

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Remote work
We are a remote-first company, with team members located all around the world.