Our mission

Accelerating the digital world's transition to modern secure access.

We strive to bring simpler and more secure access to individuals and organizations around the world, providing better digital experiences for end-users and applications.
We work hard to make our products simple enough for individuals, yet powerful enough for the world's largest organizations. Our vision is to create one of the world's most beloved IT products, loved by individuals and organizations around the globe.

Why Do AxisNow

In 2023, we began building AxisNow, led by Andy Ong, an expert in cybersecurity and SaaS, and a serial entrepreneur. AxisNow is his second PLG (Product-Led Growth) enterprise, aimed at addressing the challenges every organization faces in protecting, delivering, and managing users or digital assets access.

Despite the significant technological changes over the past 30 years, the network security models and complex toolsets that most companies rely on have left administrators and users frustrated. Additionally, we've found that Cloudflare doesn't meet everyone's needs, and there is a lack of suitable alternatives in the market, AxisNow aims to change that.

AxisNow has reimagined a zero-trust-as-a-code and central zero-trust orchestration layer to address the issues mentioned above. With a pure software solution, it assists organizations of all sizes in easily securing, delivering, and managing access to any resource. Say goodbye to outdated security models, old hardware, and fragmented solutions, and move securely and cost-effectively towards a ZTNA > SSE > SASE.

We believe that an excellent user experience and an open platform will have a tremendously positive impact. Through careful design, we aim to minimize the cost and complexity of deployment and maintenance for administrators. We deliver secure software that end-users love. We seamlessly integrate with ecosystem partners and independent developers, collectively accelerating the transition of the digital world to modern secure access.

Our Values

Bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to do something interesting.

Obsessed with customer experience

We put the customer first, delivering products and services that delight them. We also consider our customers' customers, striving for an ultimate user experience.

Equality has love

We are proud of our diverse membership. We encourage and respect the uniqueness of each individual, creating a work environment filled with love and respect. We love not only ourselves, but also the world.

Innovation and creativity

We inspire team members to push boundaries, share their ideas, and think outside the box of conventional thinking. We encourage thinking from first principles, pursuing innovation and creativity.

Be trust and transparent

We cherish our relationship of trust with each other very much. Whether it is internal team communication or external product services. We are open, honest and transparent.

Open cooperation

We admire individual heroes, but believe in the power of the team even more. We welcome complementary products and partners to create greater value through open cooperation.

Enjoy the work

We love what we do and cherish each other's company. We enjoy every stage of the development process and strive to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Our founding team

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-18,Singapore 139951
Join us from anywhere. Remote-friendly environment

We're hiring dreamers and doers who are proficient in SaaS and growth mindsets to make all of this possible

We are just getting started as a member company of ICE71, an incubator headquartered in Singapore that was established by Singtel Innov8, the venture capital arm of Singtel Group, and NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore. Currently, we have over 10 startup team members working remotely from Singapore and various locations around the world. Although we have an ambitious mission and vision, we cannot achieve it alone. We need more curious, self-driven, and capable individuals to join us in making all of this possible.

If you are passionate about our mission, and if you are someone who values open collaboration and communication, wakes up each morning motivated to tackle big and challenging problems (and enjoys the process!), and is not perfect but has their own strengths, then we welcome you to join us and work alongside our team of independent entrepreneurs from diverse and inclusive backgrounds around the world.

Open positions