Any user can access any resource securely

Implement simpler, more secure remote access and security controls for employees, B2B, and B2C in one panel, without sacrificing user experience, and replace VPNs with zero-trust that are easy to adopt and that users love

Secure delivery

Increase productivity

Securely access local, cloud, SaaS, and internet resources without the need for complex firewall rules, VPNs, VDI, or IT change requests.

Identity/device-based policy routing and application policy controls to improve end-user experience.

Integrate Security

Secure Applications, Servers & Data

AxisNow is a central zero-trust orchestration layer that integrates out-of-the-box with major IdP, MDM/EDR, SIEM, DNS providers, and more, and plug-in extensions of security features through the ecosystem marketplace

AxisNow provides further identity/device-based application policy control, more accurate AB testing, rate control, user triage, fraud blocking, theft blocking, and other advanced use cases

Efficient IT

Easy to deploy, configure and maintain

Designed for today's remote-first, cloud-first, and API-first efficient organizations. Manage everything from a single dashboard, use DevOps for automated deployments, and onboard/offboard users in minutes.

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