Secure & Deliver publicly accessible digital assets

Deploy PoP on demand in single-cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises DCs through an easy-to-use, software-only platform. Secure access to public websites and digital assets to improve application performance, reliability, security, and end-user experience


Granular application policy control

Based on DSL engine and plug-in extension architecture, it implements accurate AB testing, rate control, bot management, user triage, abnormal login blocking, security rules and other use cases

Application delivery

Empower your business

With its advanced capabilities focused on one platform, AxisNow provides an easy-to-deploy and maintain, high-performance, resilient application delivery platform that creates superior user experiences and overall security


Digital experience monitoring

AxisNow-based global dialing points provide an agentless digital experience monitoring solution. The service ensures that you are aligned with end-user issues such as network outages and application performance challenges

Implement telemetry-based policy routing to improve performance, reliability, and end-user experience

Policy routing
Integrate with your DNS to automate global traffic management and automatic failover
Address telemetry
Focus on performance degradation and determine the observability of geographic areas or carrier lines experiencing problems
Hop-by-hop path
Understand every Internet and network hop hop hop metric between users and business applications
Modern cloud network

On-demand network coverage

Gateway nodes can be flexibly deployed, subscribed, or even shared on demand in heterogeneous environments such as single-cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises DCs. Homeopathy has the performance, reliability and on-demand network coverage of the world's top architecture. Self-deploying gateways give you full control and gateway visibility over your data

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