Designed for  partners

Protecting your customers and growing your business with confidence, focused on creating value for you and your customers, is at the heart of our partner program. We'll work closely with you to help drive profitability in an ever-changing network and cybersecurity environment

Why AxisNow

Create, share and win-win with partners

Build a customized cloud platform for partners (MSP/MSSPs) to serve end customers. Customize tenant logo, freely deploy regional gateways, so that you can more effectively and efficiently provide butler services to end customers, Axisnow as your strong backing

Maximize your profits and generate monthly revenue

Axisnow's scalable software requires no hardware and saves your customers thousands of dollars each year. With a SaaS-based subscription model, you can benefit from recurring revenue streams

The white label can be customized

Allows you to customize your logo in the tenant, enhance your corporate brand image, freely deploy regional gateways, and customize node coverage according to customer needs. Axisnow is your strong backing, we are happy to work with our partners to create a win-win situation

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

A unified and easy-to-use management platform allows you to provide butler-like services to end customers more effectively and efficiently. Get your customers up and running in less than 15 minutes and support them with an automated, policy-driven approach. Our platform enables you to quickly deploy and support complex networks for tenants without cumbersome configuration or hardware

Leading the market makes you stand out

Deliver powerful software-defined solutions for future-proof SASE/Zero Trust platforms. Axisnow is designed to meet the security needs of customers and the business needs of organizations. We'll enable you to deliver differentiated and profitable secure network-as-a-service offerings that free your customers from the pain of outdated solutions

AxisNow facilitates MSP delivery

Provide our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners with powerful, scalable, and simple cybersecurity-as-a-service to keep customer traffic and data secure.
Multi-tenant console
PoPs subscription and sharing
Cluster deployment
Global traffic management
Digital Experience Monitoring
Intranet resource mapping
Agent & Agentless
L4 - L7
Load balancing
Forward and Reverse Proxy
Centralized Policy
Unified Dashboard
Identity integration
Telegram Bot
Logs integration
DNS integration
Fully open API
Consolidated billing

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