Secure access for non-human identities

AxisNow extends access management and zero trust to API keys, OAuth tokens, service accounts, and more. Ensure core systems are securely and resiliently connected to third-party and internal services

App-To-App's secure access layer

Securely connect self-built and third-party apps

Non-human access such as API keys, OAuth tokens, and service accounts should be as strictly protected as users. AxisNow helps organizations easily implement a secure access layer for app-to-apps. Secure machines, applications, and APIs. to build AppZTNA and AppWAN. Converge on scattered self-built and third-party service keys for centralized authentication authorization

For developers

Zero Trust as Code

AxisNow provides native built-in Zero Trust solutions for applications. We believe that Zero Trust principles should not be limited to your network, these ideas belong to your application. It allows you to embed Zero Trust into your applications, APIs, and IoT devices for end-to-end visibility, control, and security across any network

End-user experience

Digital experience monitoring

AxisNow seamlessly integrates digital experience monitoring solutions. This service ensures that you stay consistent with end-user issues such as CPU spikes, network interruptions, and application performance challenges.

Implement policy-based routing based on identity, device, and monitoring data to enhance performance, reliability, and end-user experience.

Policy-based routing
Focus on performance degradation and identify users or geographical areas experiencing issues. Intelligent switching based on telemetry data.
Endpoint Telemetry
View detailed metrics such as CPU usage, resource consumption, memory usage, and Wi-Fi signal strength, among others.
Hop-by-hop path
Understand the hop-by-hop metrics for each internet and network hop between users and business applications.
Modern cloud network

Cloud and API-first

AxisNow delivers all functionalities through standard APIs. Automate your network security with DevOps. Deploy flexibly in a single cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises DC, or using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), giving you full control over data, gateway visibility, and on-demand network coverage.

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