AxisNow for Financial Services

Enhance the user experience of financial platforms and enhance customer confidence. Protect critical customer and financial data from cyber threats

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Why AxisNow

Helping your business soar

With its global reach and advanced security capabilities centralized on a single platform, AxisNow provides financial organizations with a secure, resilient platform to accelerate digital transformation efforts and improve operational excellence

Exceptional online experience

Financial institution customers expect superior performance, convenience, and availability from their online platforms, even during peak activity periods

Strengthen your security posture

Provides a single pane of glass to manage multiple security and network services and visibility. Enable IT to get a complete picture of security anytime, anywhere

Sensitive IT reduces costs

Replace legacy infrastructure with cloud-based services to accelerate time to market and free up budget for innovation

Deploy a local gateway

Increase the speed and security of remote resource access with an on-premises secure gateway that provides encrypted, low-latency connections

Easily manage access

IT or security professionals can design multi-tenant access use cases for different businesses and manage them from one cloud platform

Prevent data leakage

The Zero Trust model of least privilege access and continuous monitoring across the network ensures that hackers cannot move laterally across resources or cause significant damage

Immune to DDoS attacks

The world's first B2C zero trust solution. Hide the attack surface and embed a high-speed VPN for every user to eliminate attacks once and for all

Fully compliant

Comply with GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001/2, HIPAA, HITRUST and other important data protection regulations

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