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Designed for today's remote-first, cloud-first, and API-first efficient organizations. AxisNow enables companies of all sizes to securely and cost-effectively embark on their ZTNA > SSE > SASE journey


Simplify IT

AxisNow has designed a modern multi-tenant SaaS platform from the ground up, running on a single software, managed through a unified dashboard, enabling deployment and configuration within 15 minutes, without the need to change network architecture. It provides unprecedented visibility and control, allowing organizations to easily adapt to evolving business requirements.

Zero Trust orchestration layer

Integrate and extend

AxisNow is a central zero-trust orchestration layer that comes with out-of-the-box integrations with major IdP (Identity Provider), MDM/EDR (Mobile Device Management/Endpoint Detection and Response), SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), DNS, and more. It also supports plugin-based extensions through the ecosystem marketplace.

A full-stack zero-trust platform.

Implement a comprehensive ZTNA strategy

Support any use case with an all-in-one zero-trust platform that's purely software-based. AxisNow enables companies of all sizes to securely and cost-effectively undergo digital transformation, moving progressively toward ZTNA > SSE > SASE.

End-user experience

Digital experience monitoring

AxisNow seamlessly integrates digital experience monitoring solutions. This service ensures that you stay consistent with end-user issues such as CPU spikes, network interruptions, and application performance challenges.

Implement policy-based routing based on identity, device, and monitoring data to enhance performance, reliability, and end-user experience.

Policy-based routing
Focus on performance degradation and identify users or geographical areas experiencing issues. Intelligent switching based on telemetry data.
Endpoint Telemetry
View detailed metrics such as CPU usage, resource consumption, memory usage, and Wi-Fi signal strength, among others.
Hop-by-hop path
Understand the hop-by-hop metrics for each internet and network hop between users and business applications.
Modern cloud network

Cloud and API-first

AxisNow delivers all functionalities through standard APIs. Automate your network security with DevOps. Deploy flexibly in a single cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises DC, or using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), giving you full control over data, gateway visibility, and on-demand network coverage.

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