Easily build your own Mini-Cloudflare

AxisNow integrates applications and zero trust into a unified zero trust orchestration platform. Easier to use multi-tenant white label panel. Edge deployment, network visibility, and data privacy on demand. Subversive immune attack (DDoS/WAF/Bot)

Cloudflare is an excellent public cloud

Cloudflare was launched in 2010 and built a distributed infrastructure that brought 95% of the internet's population within 10 milliseconds of Cloudflare servers. When global users access websites or services hosted by Cloudflare, they experience low-latency connections and an improved user experience. Cloudflare has leveraged this infrastructure to expand into a range of network services, including its SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) product, Cloudflare One. Cloudflare One is a cloud-based secure wide area network (WAN) service.

But Cloudflare also has shortcomings

Cloudflare was built ten years ago

This security model was originally designed for websites. However, in the era of mobile internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), most applications still use this security paradigm. This security model has inherent flaws: it always exposes attack surfaces, leading to a passive response to security threats and requiring continuous investment in security operations. Faced with large-scale targeted attacks, it can still cause downtime and increase user latency. Moreover, traditional CDN (Content Delivery Network), DNS (Domain Name System), and endpoint monitoring tools cannot provide enough context about users' home networks, devices, and applications for real-time traffic scheduling.

A cloud-bound networks

Such centralized shared network services offer cost-effectiveness and convenience, but they also sacrifice tenant privacy, visibility, and availability. Do you want your threat intelligence to be shared with other tenants? Do you want your traffic and data to be decrypted on external infrastructure? Is it acceptable for your critical business to potentially use contaminated IP addresses? Do you want to see the status of internal services and the actual reasons for failures? Why route local traffic to a cloud PoP, adding latency? Is your business's availability dependent on a single cloud binding or multi-cloud failover? Do you want to have an on-demand network coverage and a customized branded version of Cloudflare?

Inject zero trust security into your applications and APIs like a vaccine.

Once and for all, fearless against any scale or type of DDoS

AxisNow's security model is entirely opposite to Cloudflare's. It doesn't depend on centralized network mitigation for DDoS attacks. In a Server Find Client zero-trust network, attackers can't attack what they can't see.

AxisNow vs Cloudflare

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